Hollowed Beings

by Masteroid

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thanks to the families for letting us record and jam, thanks to the friends for coming to shows, this is for you

dedicated to doobert and aaron brown for dancing during the recording of key lime slime and at shows


released August 13, 2016

jake attilio: guitar (all tracks except 6), vocals (all tracks except 6), drums (tracks 5 & 6), bass (tracks 1, 2, 5 & 9)

jake hounsell: drums (all tracks except 5 & 6), guitar (track 6), vocals (track 6), bass (tracks 8 & 6)

bryan dickson: bass (tracks 3, 4, 7 & 10)

all tracks written by jake attilio except track 6 (jake hounsell), track 9 (jake hounsell & jake attilio) and track 10 (masteroid)

all tracks recorded by jake attilio

mixed by masteroid

artwork by AMS



all rights reserved


Masteroid Phoenix, Arizona

heavy sludge/punk rock from surprise, az

jake attilio
jake hounsell
bryan dickson

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Track Name: Vexed
I know you wanna go, but I tell you, I am right here
I'm always in your mind, so I know you, right to the core

I've vexed your little conscience, and I'll tear you, right to the bone
It's no longer in your head, now I've warned you, don't make a mistake

I'm all but false witness, so just keep your, fucking self away
In case you have't realized, I'm your nightmare, and you are not safe
Track Name: Density
You say, you don't know what's wrong
I say, I don't know what's right
We know. it's not good enough
But I, don't know what to do
Track Name: Plasticity
Mind relapse into a perfect sludge
Finally I can see my world isn't much

Sick plastic in my swirling drone
Caress my eyes and take my leeching soul
Track Name: Killing Floor
I just want to get you on the killing floor
I'm not gonna take no for an answer

I want
To see you scream
And take
Your dirty name
To the
Fucking grave
And give
Away your face

You're the napalm kind that really needs to be
Torn apart like piglet meat by machines

You are
Fucking mad
With your
Electric fads
That give
Unheard grace
To the
"Entitled" race
Track Name: Head Trip
Trapped inside my creeping rage
Waiting for the turning page
Laid upon the bed of pain
Outside in the acid rain

I am forever in dust
I am forever in lust

Playing mind games with the queen
All the horrors I have seen
Looking through translucent screens
Keeping up the same routine

I am forever in dust
I am forever in lust
Track Name: Midnight Delusion
I'll reverse my time
And make you mine
It's all I can do
With all I've been through

I don't want my mind
I don't want my eyes
I want my life
To weep and die

Who knows where I'll be
This time next week
If I'm not here
Please just don't fear

I don't want my mind
I don't want my eyes
I want my life
To weep and die
Track Name: Melted
I like when
My legs bend
My insides

I like the feeling that it gives me
Feeling nothing except the bleeding
Loving the tearing of flesh and tendons
Ripping apart like heat from the sun

I want to
Leave my room
Find something
To leave my being

I get pleasure from seeing me seize
Loving nothing but my own pity
I can't retract from the gut instinct
Of defiling myself for the incessant plea
Track Name: Defacer
I know you don't know I know
It's in your head so just let it go
Shut your mouth and just go alone
I don't care where you fucking go

Eyes burned and no conscience left
A mindless body just a fucking mess
No feelings nothing left to guess
Each time I think I know so much less